TZones - A Simple World Clock for PalmOS®

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About TZones

TZones is a simple but elegant world clock application for PalmOS. TZones is free software licenced under the GNU General Public Licence.

The program features:
  • local time and date display according to global perference
  • spinning earth animation
  • four analog and five digital clocks.
  • support for 56 world cities (more to come soon)
  • local time zone set using the nearest city
  • optional display of Univeral Coordinated Time (a.k.a. GMT)
  • choice of black or white faces

Quick Start

TZones is very intuitive to use and configure but just in case you have problems try the following steps.
  • Install and run the application.
  • The first time the application runs it will display its Preferences dialog, use the Local Time: option to select a city in your time zone and check or uncheck the Daylight Saving checkbox as appropriate.
  • Press OK to leave the preferences dialog.
  • You can change which four cities to display the time in by selecting Time Zones... from the Options menu.
Finally if you are getting confused to read the tips (click on the [ i ] icon
in the top right hand corner of some windows).


TZones was original written by Billy Ball. Since version 2.0 it has been extended and maintained by Daniel Thompson.

Report a bug (or gross misfeature) and we'll thank you by adding you to this list:
Rene Labruyere, Barry Black and Todd Gilbert.

Finally thanks to the following people for their comments and feature requests:
Rene Labruyere, Andrew Funk, Erwin Schomburg, Tony Jest, Barry Black, Ron Chatham, Matthias Jordon, Mike Kelly and Michael Tabak.


Please send comments to: Daniel Thompson.
Copyright © 2003 Daniel Thompson